About Geek Natural

Geek Natural believes that using proven, precise methodologies of purposeful living is the most direct way to improve the quality of a person’s life, if they are willing to put forth the effort.

There really isn’t an overarching name for the many different disciplines that are available so we are just going to refer to use of these methods as purposeful, natural living.

Regardless of what pieces of this massive pie one chooses to implement in their lives, it seems to us that there is a common root motive that runs through the minds of most people we talk to. That idea is that we should be able to have rich, fulfilling lives while doing everything we can to leave the planet in the best shape we can when we are done with our time on earth. Also, that we should pass this knowledge and love of life on to whoever is open to learning it.

Taking this concept a step further, we believe it is possible to lift a huge number of people that currently live in poverty or that suffer from malnutrition, into a new reality. Anyone who has lived on a farm for even a short time or cared for a living garden will probably agree that there is no reason that ANYONE alive on this planet who is in a reasonably peaceful place, should go hungry.

Our mission is to provide that latest information we can find about trends and knowledge and get it to our readers to help them learn more and perhaps fulfill a dream to live life closer to the land and continue the thread started at the dawn of mankind.

We Use Affiliate Links to Help Fund This Effort

We are open about having affiliate links on our site. We use those links to sustain this site and work towards increasing our reach in the community of like-minded people. We thank everyone in advance for any support they can show us.