Urban Farming Basics

Urban farming refers to any agricultural activities carried out in urban environments where there tends to be much more limited space for farming. These activities can include a surprising variety of species of both plants and animals. Also, there are often laws and local ordinances that limit the kind and scale of farming operations. A simple example would be an ordinance that allows hens but prohibits roosters for obvious reasons. So, what are the basics of urban farming, and how can you get started?

What is Sustainable Farming?

A sustainable process is one that, barring something catastrophic that wasn’t predictable, can continue indefinitely. Of course, there are practical limits to this definition, but … Read more

Animal Husbandry Basics

Animal husbandry describes the day-to-day care, breeding and the raising of livestock, primarily for food. Archeologists have uncovered evidence that our ancestors began domesticating wolves … Read more