Farmers in Brazil Show Why Agriculture Matters To Brazilian urban centers

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Photo by jötâkå on Unsplash has published a story on farmers in Brazil helping the underprivileged in the slums of Rio de Janeiro get the food they need since the COVID-19 crisis paralyzed their only means of generating income.

Documentary photojournalist PATRÍCIA MONTEIRO has documented the difficulties that many impoverished people face since the pandemic hit. These difficulties show clearly how people in urban population centers could benefit greatly by changing to a more self sufficient method of acquiring the nutrition they need. Currently the overwhelming majority of people in Brazil’s urban centers work hand to mouth in brutally challenging economic conditions. Most larger cities like São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro are only just now beginning to explore small gardening techniques.

But it is only the very beginning. Even in rural areas, many farmers use outdated techniques that could be greatly improved by education and by updating agricultural technology. Look here for future posts where we speak about building outreach programs that fill in where bloated, inefficient governments repeatedly fail.

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