Animal Husbandry Basics

Animal husbandry describes the day-to-day care, breeding and the raising of livestock, primarily for food. Archeologists have uncovered evidence that our ancestors began domesticating wolves about 21,000 years ago, after the beginning of the current Ice Age. Livestock followed beginning 10,000 years ago. Although we have made advances in the technology we use to care for our animals, nothing has really changed in all that time. We still provide food, healthy living conditions, and protection…

Urban Farming Basics

Urban farming refers to any agricultural activities carried out in urban environments where there tends to be much more limited space for farming. These activities can include a surprising variety of species of both plants and animals. Also, there are often laws and local ordinances that limit the kind and scale of farming operations. A simple example would be an ordinance that allows hens but prohibits roosters for obvious reasons. So, what are the basics of urban farming, and how can you get started?

Interview with Alton Biggs

Today’s post is an interview with career educator, Alton Biggs. Born and raised in McKinney, Texas, he has spent most of his life and career based in north central Texas. Over his career, he has taught high school sciences in Princeton, McKinney, and Allen school districts. He has been an educational and testing consultant since the 1980s. He has been recognized by dozens of different schools and educational organizations for excellence in education and leadership….

How to Find Land for Urban Farming

For someone new to urban farming, finding a useable, affordable plot to work can be a daunting task. To formulate an effective plan to acquire land for urban farming, you need to answer some basic questions. If you know where you are going, you stand a better chance you have of getting there. It is wise to remember that getting a hold of some good soil is just one of the many factors for success….

Using Companion Planting On Your Farm

Companion planting is a technique used in farming and gardening where multiple plant species grow together to improve aspects of cultivation. Planting multiple species together is a time-tested method that can increase product, promote disease and pest resistance, and improve space utilization. It is a form of polyculture followed for thousands of years. The earliest recorded instances of companion planting date back to indigenous Americans’ well-known “Three Sisters” plant grouping. This grouping allows the characteristics…

Getting Ready for a Fall Garden

Photo by topcools tee on Unsplash We are at the peak or slightly off-peak for summer and that means it is time to prepare our fall garden if we’re going to do one. If you start much later than August, you risk your crops not maturing in time for the really cold weather. There are great benefits with a fall garden. Autumn crops are a great way to supplement your warm-weather harvests and have that…